Why is Australia a Lavish Honeymoon Destination?

If you plan on getting married then now is the time to plan for your honeymoon as well. If you are thinking of Maldives or Europe or the Americas, think again and in a different direction this time.  Read More »

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Welcome to the magical land of colorful India!

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All You Need to Know About Sightseeing during Your Australia Vacations

Quite often travelers come away with a sense of déjà vu and with limited experiences when they go on a tour. This happens when you pick a hill resort or a beach vacation. If you have been to Goa, then Kovalam will look more or less the same. There is a distinct lack of variety in terms of sights and experiences. This is where Australia differs.

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Get Advice on Best Australia Holiday Package Choices for You to Book from an Expert Travel Agency

Australia, the continent country is proving to be a hit with tourists looking for experiences that go beyond the normal definition of holidays. If you wish to get to know the heart of Australia pick Australia Holiday packages that take you to Alice Springs and to aborigine country in Kakadu in Northern Territories and Kimberley regions.

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Lodging in Australia during Your Vacations- Can Holiday Packages Help?

Australia, as a country-continent, offers unique attractions not found elsewhere in the world with its own scenic beauty as well as collection of flora and fauna. It may not be possible to take in all attractions during your brief trip so you would need to consider selecting from the Great Barrier Reef, cosmopolitan cities, Kimberley region, the Australian Alps, Ningaloo, Tasmanian Wilderness and the Outback.

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Buy Dubai Tour with Plan Journeys Dubai Holiday Packages

If you are thinking of Singapore for a quick vacation, think again. Dubai in the Middle East is only a couple of hours away, flights are cheaper and Plan Journeys makes it even better with its fine buy Dubai.. Read More »

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