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Baku Tour package

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Welcome to Baku, the energetic and culturally diverse capital of Azerbaijan! Baku offers visitors a singular fusion of historical sites, architectural wonders, and scenic beauty since it is a city where past customs coexist with contemporary developments. Baku, which is tucked away on the Caspian Sea's edge, is well-known for a variety of sights, including the modern Flame Towers and the Old City, which is recognized by UNESCO. Our carefully designed Baku tour packages will deliver you an experience that you won't soon forget, taking advantage of everything that this fascinating city has to offer.


Main tourist attractions in Baku

Icherisheher (Old City)

also known as the Old City, is the historical center of Baku and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This ancient walled city is a labyrinth of narrow cobblestone streets and alleys and is home to many historical monuments. Important places in Icherisheher are:

Maiden's Tower: The iconic 12th century tower shrouded in mystery offers panoramic views of Baku from its roof.


Shirvanshah Palace: A 15th-century royal palace that reflects the beauty of King Shirvanshah.


Muhammad Mosque: One of the oldest mosques in Baku, dating back to the 11th century.


Baku Boulevard

Boulevard runs along the Caspian Sea and is a picturesque promenade perfect for a quiet walk and enjoying the sea breeze. This beautiful park has cafes, rides and many fun places. Famous landmarks along the way include:

Baku Ferris Wheel: offers a beautiful view of the city and the Caspian Sea. Carpet weaving tradition.


Flame Tower

Tower is the tallest skyscraper in Baku and the symbol of the modern city. Our towers look like flames and are especially eye-catching at night when illuminated with beautiful colors and patterns. Visitors can enjoy dining and entertainment at the tower and enjoy the beauty of the city from various viewpoints.


Heydar Aliyev Center

Designed by the famous architect Zaha Hadid, the Heydar Aliyev Center is an architectural masterpiece and cultural center. The building's flowing, wave-like design is a representation of modern Baku. Hosting many exhibitions, performances and cultural events, the center is a must-see for art and design enthusiasts.


Fountain Square

Square is a large public square in the heart of Baku, famous for its beautiful places, cafes and shops. It's a popular meeting place for locals and tourists, and the atmosphere is especially strong in the evenings. The square is also a great base for exploring nearby businesses and dining options.


Gobustan National Park

60 kilometers southwest of Baku, Gobustan National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, famous for its ancient rocks and mud volcanoes. Some of the petroglyphs date back 40,000 years and provide an insight into the life of prehistoric people.

Mud volcanoes, unique to the region, create a surreal landscape worth exploring.


Ateshgah Fire Temple

Fire Temple is located on the foothills of Surakhani and is an important religious historical site. The 17th-century temple, built by Zoroastrian and Hindu communities, is famous for its eternal flame. The temple complex contains a museum that provides insight into the historical and cultural significance of the site.


Yanar Dag (Burning Mountain)

Yanar Dag is a still burning volcano in the mountains near Baku. The result is natural gas that has been burning for hundreds of years entering the ground, creating a fascinating sight, especially after dark. This justifies Azerbaijan's nickname "Land of Fire".


Martyrs Street

Street, also known as Martyrs Street, is a beautiful place for the heroes who lost their lives in the tragic events of Black January and in accordance with the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. The place offers peaceful views and views of Baku and the Caspian Sea from its elevated position.


Whether you're walking the ancient streets of the Old City in Baku, marveling at modern-day wonders, or exploring the scenery, Baku is sure to delight you. Join Plan Journeys to discover the charm and diversity of Azerbaijan's capital on our customized Baku tour packages, creating memories that will last forever.


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